Dr. Alon Covo

Trigger finger


Trigger finger is a situation in which one of the fingers "gets stuck" in a bent state and straightens up while giving the sensation of a jump, like a released trigger.

This situation is created by an inflammation causing a narrowing of the gap between the sheath and the bent tendons which it sheaths. In severe cases the finger might become "locked" in a bent state.

Mallet finger

In an adult subject, Mallet Finger is a situation of a finger's disfigurement caused by damage to the tendon system which straightens the finger, preventing active straightening of the last joint in the affected finger.

Mallet finger is common among athletes and it mainly appears after a direct trauma to the finger due to a fall, as well as injuries in basketball and volleyball.

Gangalion Cyst

A ganglion is a common cyst which is usually benign, and which is caused following small tears in the joint's, tendon's or bone' sheath. As a result a "balloon" is formed, filled with liquid, expanding and contracting according to the stress caused by the joint's operation.

Thumb arthritis

Thumb arthritis is the most common condition of degenerative

.disease of a joint in the human palm.

The reasons for appearance of thumb arthritis are many.


 Tennis Elbow

"Tennis Elbow" is named after the sport, but it turns out that is not the sole domain of tennis players. In fact – even if you have never lifted a tennis racquet, you might still be exposed to this condition.


Golfer's elbow

Golf Elbow is a condition in which pain is caused in the inner part of the elbow at the area where the tendons bending the fingers and the wrist connect to the bone. The pain may project to the forearm and up to the wrist.


Dupuytren`s Contracture 
Dupuytren`s Contracture is a disease of the connective tissue causing damage to the proteins composing this tissue – collagen and elastin.

Scarring lumps appear on the connective tissue beginning at the wrist, causing it to thicken and contract/shorten.

The ring finger and little finger are typically the first to suffer from this.


De- Quervain's Disease

De-Quervain's Disease, also called tenosynovitis, is an inflammation of the extensor tendon sheath of the thumb.

De-Quervain's Disease is named after the surgeon who was the first to identify it. The thumb joint differs from the other fingers in its shape, its location and its own tendon system allowing it a wider movement range than that of the other fingers. 

Scaphoid Fracture

The scaphoid bone is located in the palm under the small dent at the base of the thumb. The scaphoid bone is the biggest of eight small bones located at the wrist joint which create the harmonic and smooth movement of the joint at all movement ranges.


 CTS- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Carpal Tunnel is an area enclosed by the wrist bones and the Carpal ligament passing through the wrist. The tendons bending the fingers pass through this space, as well as the median nerve responsible for sensation in the thumb, the pointing finger, the index finger and half of the ring finger and allowing the thumb's circular movement.

 Ulnar tunnet syndrome

The Ulnar Nerve is one of the hand nerves starting at the neck, passing through the arm to the forearm by crossing the elbow, and from there to the palm.