Dr. Alon Covo

Cortisone Injection

Cortisone is a stress hormone, secreted by the activity of the adrenal gland, which helps in reducing the immune system's activity, causing inflammatory response which harms the body's tissues.

Collagenase Enzyme

Injecting the enzyme Collagenase to an area in which there is flexion contracture causing Dupuytren's contracture, destroys the collagen composing the connective tissue which causes the finger's contraction.

Recently injection of the enzyme Collagenase to the ligament area is used to treat this condition.

The enzyme contains proteins causing breakage and weakening of the bonds inside the ligament tissue.


Pre-surgical tests

These are the tests required prior to a surgical operation, they are divided according to the patient's age and physical conditions. Blood count is required for everyone


The muscle is a connective tissue composed of muscle fibers, whose activity causes shortening, stabilization and stretching of the body's parts and limbs.


Connective tissue connecting the joint bones, it is similar in composition to the tendon's structure, rich in collagen fibers giving it its strength. Its role is to restrict and prevent joint movement..

Blood Vessel

The blood circulation system in our body. This system is composed of three groups, each with its definite rol

Hand arthroscopy – minimally invasive surgery

The term "arthroscopy" means – arthro – joint, scopy – viewing.

By inserting a miniature camera into the joint through a cut a few millimeters in length, it is possible to diagnose and/or operate in the most accurate manner in problems and conditions requiring surgical intervention, while avoiding potential complications and allowing for a short recovery time..


The medical field in which an invasive procedure is carried out in order to treat a medical condition or problem.



A procedure carried out in order to neutralize the neural system, in order to prevent the feeling of pain involved in a surgical procedure while maintaining the correct function of the vital systems.

X-Ray Photography

A medical instrument for the diagnosis of conditions or fractions in bones. The X-Rays pass through soft tissues such as skin, blood, muscles and fat. Due to the bone tissue's properties, the X-Rays do not pass through the hard tissue on their way to the photographic plate.

MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A medical instrument using electro-magnetic resonation in order to more accurately distinguish between tissues. This test is performed when there is a difficulty to diagnose using X-Rays or CT imaging. In order to improve the test's accuracy level it is possible to use contrast material.