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Injecting the enzyme Collagenase - injecting an enzyme causing the destruction of collagen composing the connective tissue. Recently the enzyme Collagenase is also injected into the ligament area. The enzyme contains proteins causing the breaking and weakening of bonds inside the ligament tissue. 24 hours after the injection, under local anesthesia, the physician performs a stretching of the fingers and tearing of the treated ligaments until the fingers are straightened. In some cases there is need to use a splint to hold the finger in its straight position until full recovery is achieved.


It is strictly forbidden to perform the action of straightening the finger, pulling or pressing it independently by the patient. Keeping the finger's bent position helps the active ingredient which was injected into it to do its job.


In case the initial injection was not effective it is possible to repeat it one month after the initial injection and up to three injections in total.


The injected enzyme is certified for use in Europe and the United States but is not certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health. It is possible to import it by Form 29ג of the Ministry of Health, signed by the physician or pharmacy.


Advantages - alternative treatment to surgery with all its implications, such as: complications and long-term recovery.


Disadvantages - this process does not suit every person. There are risk factors such as: anaphylactic shock, blood coagulation problems, pregnancy, age.


Side Effects - swelling, bleeding and internal bleeding, pain, inflammation – these side effects typically disappear within a few days.


At this stage, it is only possible to treat one finger with a waiting time of one month between treatments.

Enzyme Collagenase
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