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Hello and welcome. My name is Dr. Alon Covo and I am a senior orthopedic surgeon at the department of hand surgery of Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel. I have done my internship at the orthopedic department of Tel Hashomer, under the guidance of Prof. Horoshovsky and Dr. Aharon Chechik. I have performed my internship in hand surgery and microsurgery under the guidance of Prof. Yoel Angel and Dr. Batya Yafe.

substitute microurgy Unit Manager, Department of hand surgery at Sheba hospital in Tel Hashomer. 

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to use this site to share my knowledge and explain subjects from the field of general orthopedics and hand surgery.


Orthopedic surgery and hand surgery are fascinating subjects giving answer to painful situations, impaired movement and esthetic appearance such as injuries and conditions of the bones such as fractures (such as Scaphoid fracture) and infections (such as Osteomyelitis) as well as injuries and inflammations of the tendons (trigger finger, tennis elbow, De Quervain's Disease), injuries and inflammations of the nerves (carpal tunnel syndrome), injuries of the palmar fascia (Dupuytren's contracture), injuries of the joints (such as Basal thumb arthritis) cysts (gangelion), amputations and more. It is possible, using conservative treatments requiring follow-up, such as supporting splints, physiotherapy, various medications, cortisone injections and colagenase injections, to treat most conditions and in case the conservative treatment fails to alleviate the condition, there is the option of surgical intervention. The operations are conducted according to need in the open method (a cut in the skin), the closed method (reductions), micro-invasive (arthroscopia) and micro-surgery.


As part of my job I treat patients of Kupat Holim Maccabi, as well as work as an independent consultant as an independent consultant to "Femi Premium" and "BWell".


I give lectures and instruction to nurses in the field of orthopedics and hand surgery as well as to lawyers regarding the legal aspects of these subjects.

I am appointed by courts of law as an expert in the field of hand surgery and I write legal medical opinions for law office clients, opinions for claims from the Ministry of Defense and disability assessment letters for the National Insurance Institute of Israel.



                                                                              Dr. Alon Covo

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